April 24, 2019

Trade show booths are similar to businesses competing for foot traffic. These displays need to be purposefully designed in order to achieve the highest ROI possible. To get the most from a trade show booth, there are a few things companies should consider before finalizing a plan.

Be unique
Just as there are a lot of other companies in every industry, there are a lot of other booths at every trade show. Successful businesses thrive because they are unique. From offering a product or service that no one else offers to outperforming the competition, companies strive to be different. Trade show booths should accurately reflect a company’s brand. MultiView has been an exhibitor at the ASAE conference for the past several years, often prepared to draw attendees into their booth with unique displays. Among the unique booths are two that stand out in particular: a haunted house and a Ping-Pong match between two professional players. These booths attracted large crowds and always made an impression.

Be interactive
Trade show attendees enjoy interactive booths. These types of booths fill potential clients’ needs to touch and interact with everything. At a minimum, this type of booth gives the company an opportunity to sell their products during the interaction.

Utilize social media
Many trade show attendees carry smartphones around everywhere they go and are often involved on some form of social media. With this technology so easily accessible, it would be easy to partner with other companies at the show and host a scavenger hunt while posting their findings on social media under a specified hashtag. Everyone who completes the scavenger hunt could be entered into a raffle to win gifts from the participating booths. This would facilitate relationship building with potential clients by connecting the sales reps with trade show attendees over social media.

Pass out useful merchandise
Everyone has taken home enough stress balls and key chains. Passing out useful merchandise like bottles of water with the company logo or sunglasses will impress the attendees while they proudly display your brand everywhere they go. MultiView hosts the ASAE party every year and passes out goody bags with much needed items for the following morning, like Advil, Pepto-Bismol, sunglasses, and a Five Hour Energy.

Location, location, location
Finally, don’t skimp on picking a booth location. It is important to stay near high-traffic areas. If a company cannot afford a large area, securing a location directly next to a big company will help drive traffic. Focus on staying close to complimenting businesses so trade show attendees are interested in seeing both booths.

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Gagan Bhathal, Area Developer for Instant Imprints