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4 Things We Recommend You to Do If You Work Outdoors

By Jacqui Antonetti, Instant Imprints
Spring is approaching and with it comes along the opportunities for outdoor work. Not only is a great season for landscaping, construction and home renovations, to name a few, but it is also a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on those jobs by making your business more visible while you work.

Here are some tips for you to apply whenever possible to make your business grow in a more efficient way by making it easy for your prospects to find you while you focus on doing a great job for your existing clients.

  1. Include your logo on your workers’ apparel (front and back). This will help people know what is the name of the company doing that amazing job at their neighbor’s home or at that house that is on their way to work.
  2. Include the URL of your website and contact information at the back of apparel. Imagine your workers having to stop what they’re doing to provide prospects with your company’s contact info, versus them continuing to work while people take note of how to find you. Which one do you think will be more productive for your business?
  3. Use yard signs with your business logo and contact information. Yard signs work for you 24/7 without you having to pay extra hours. It’s a cost effective advertising tool that we recommend you to consider including in your marketing budget.
  4. Print materials with your logo, what your business does and contact information. Print marketing materials like business cards, sell sheets, tri-fold brochures and/or even stickers are always good to carry with you. You never know when the opportunity to introduce your business presents itself and you want to make sure that not only you are prepared, but also you look professional. This helps your prospects feel they can trust you.
  5. Vehicle signage. Whether it’s a full vehicle wrap or just some decals or magnets, this is one of the most cost efficient advertising tools that you can use and that will do a great favor to your business.

We will be more than happy to help you get any or all of these items done. As small business owners ourselves, nothing makes us happier than to help other small businesses grow. Call us us or visit us us anytime. And remember that the sooner you take action the sooner you’ll see results.

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