April 24, 2019

Joe is a hockey fan. a big hockey fan, with an extensive collection of hockey jerseys, that he used to wear to networking events.

He had a lot of good conversations about hockey at those events. But didn’t talk that much about home inspections, even though that’s why he went to those events.

Visibility will lead to a dialogue and for a small business owner that is always a good thing.

With a couple of  embroidered shirts shirts, Joe made a change in what he was making visible.

Just the other day he was telling me about the lady who stopped him, to ask him for his definition of quality.

Where do you think she got the idea to ask Joe about that?

Dialogue is a powerful, powerful tool for small business owners to use for growing their business.

It’s the vehicle that “turns visibility into credibility”, and then lets “credibility turn into profitability”.

It’s what Dr Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI, calls the ¬†VCP Process..

That whole cascade of good can’t start with you making your business visible to the potential customers who surround you every day.

Linda Boyd


Gagan Bhathal, Area Developer for Instant Imprints