April 24, 2019

I found this article on WikiHow that provided a marketing tool that is so simple yet so Powerful, I think that this is a must for all business large and small.

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Postcard printing is one of the most effective, yet inexpensive ways to advertise your company or organization. For less than $99, you can promote your services and products to thousands of prospects, who may eventually become your customers. Creating a postcard is easier than you may think. You can use software that you might already have in your computer, such as Microsoft Power Publisher, Microsoft Word or Publisher. You can also use Google Docs ( docs.google.com ) to create a presentation file that can also be converted to a commercial press-ready file. The easiest way is to contact a printing company specialized in postcard printing and create your design using the online tools that they provide on their websites. This makes the design and ordering process a snap.


  1. Design the front of your postcard. You want to keep the front of your postcard as clean as possible. One or two eye catchy pictures along with a short paragraph will get people’s attention. Use big and bold letters to display the product or service you are promoting. Remember not to clutter the front side of your postcard with too much information.
  2. Design the back of your postcard. All the important details of the product or service you are promoting should go in the back of your card. Pricing, location, phone numbers, website, etc. should be in the back. If you are mailing this piece, do not forget to leave the right half of the back of your card blank to put the recipient’s address.
  3. Track results. Just as if you were running a TV or radio spot, you must track the results of your postcard marketing so you know what your return on investment is. There are a few tricks to track results. You can place a coupon in the back of your card. Some ideas are: • “15% off your next order with this card!” • “Bring this card to the store before May 15th a receive a 10% discount”, • “Receive 10% off your next purchase (new customers only)” You can also create a custom URL on your website and install add Google analytics so you know how many clicks the postcards are generating. Check the new visitors to that specific URL often to get an idea of how the postcards are working.
  4. Begin mailing. If your printing company is mailing out the postcards for you, you should have a database with your recipients. Your printing company will ask you to provide them that database in either XLS or CSV Microsoft Excel formats. Most CRM’s such as Microsoft Outlook, Zoho, etc. have the export feature that will create the appropriate format for you. If you do not have a database, you may consider services such as InfoUSA.com and SalesGenie.com to get a custom prospect database. If you are mailing out the postcards yourself, make sure to have your mailing list ready before your postcards are ready. You can work on printing labels using Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office to merge your contacts and print out your mailing labels.
  5. Distribute. If you are distributing your postcards door to door, make sure to contact your town’s office to make sure you don’t need any special permit to do street distribution.


Gagan Bhathal, Area Developer for Instant Imprints