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Custom tents & Canopies

Instant Imprints Main Street Vancouver boasts an extensive selection of secure and structurally sound custom tents, also recognized as custom event tents or custom printed canopies. These custom Printed  tents stand as the perfect solution for simultaneous promotion and offering shelter to visitors against the elements. Designed for professional use, our efficient custom printed tents in Canada are crafted with a hassle-free setup that doesn’t necessitate any tools. Whether you are hosting a promotional event, participating in a trade show, or organizing an outdoor gathering, our custom printed event tents in Canada are the embodiment of both functionality and visual allure.

Explore Our Range Of Customized tents & Canopies

Top Only

This option includes only the canopy or roof portion, providing overhead coverage without any sidewalls or back walls.

Top & Back Wall

It includes the canopy/roof along with a back wall, offering both overhead coverage and a backdrop for branding or messages.

Top, Side Panels & Half Back Wall

This configuration includes the canopy, sidewalls for the sides, and a half-sized back wall, providing partial enclosure and branding space.

Top, Side Panels & Full Back Wall

Similar to the previous option but with a full-sized back wall, providing complete enclosure and ample space for branding or messaging.

Full Canopy with Windows and Doors

This setup offers a complete canopy with windows and doors, providing visibility, accessibility, and some level of enclosure while allowing for natural light and access.

Top, Half Side Panels, Full Back Wall

This configuration includes the canopy, partial sidewalls for the sides, and a full-sized back wall, allowing for a combination of coverage and visibility.