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Safety Gear

Discover top-tier safety gear printing services in Vancouver at nstant Imprints Main Street, Vancouver. We specialize in crafting custom safety gear that ensures both protection and professionalism. Our Vancouver-based printing service offers personalized solutions for safety vests, hard hats, gloves, and more, ensuring compliance and brand identification. Whether it’s displaying safety messages, logos, or employee names, our expert printing ensures durability and visibility on high-quality safety apparel. Elevate safety standards while fostering brand recognition with our custom safety gear in Vancouver. Trust us to provide top-notch printing solutions that prioritize safety and customization, keeping your workforce safe and your brand prominent.

Explore Our Range Of Customized Safety Gear

Hard Hats

Providing safety in construction sites, hard hats offer a space for printing logos or safety messages on the front, sides, or back.

Safety Vests

Offering high visibility and safety, vests provide printing space on the front and back, commonly used in roadwork or industrial settings.

Safety Gloves

Suitable for various industries, gloves with printing space on the back or wrist area can display company logos or safety information.

Safety Glasses and Goggles

Protecting eyes in hazardous environments, offering space for printing on the frame or lens.

Safety Boots and Shoes

Providing protection in workplaces, boots or shoes offer printing space on the sides or tongue.

Ear Protection (Earplugs/Muffs)

Essential in noisy environments, allowing for printing space on the headband or outer casing.