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Trade Show Banners & Backdrops

Elevate your trade show experience with our captivating banners and backdrops. At Instant Imprints Main Street Vancouver, we understand the power of those crucial first impressions. Our trade show banners and backdrops aren’t just decorations; they are memories waiting to be etched in the minds of your audience or visitors. Whether it’s a vibrant banner showcasing your products or a mesmerizing trade show backdrop telling the story of your brand’s journey, we have got you covered. These versatile tools do more than enhance your booth’s aesthetics; they create a dynamic stage for presentations and photo opportunities too.

Explore Our Range Of Customized Trade Show Banners & Backdrops

Retractable/ Roll up Banner

Portable and easy to set up, these banners retract into a base for convenient storage and transportation. They come in various sizes and are ideal for displaying brand messages or promotions.

Vinyl & Fabric Banners

Vinyl Fabric Banners combine the durability of vinyl with the sleek, high-quality appearance of fabric. These banners offer weather-resistant properties and vibrant printed designs, making them versatile for indoor and outdoor use.

Step and Repeat Banners

Commonly used as backdrops for photo opportunities, these banners feature a repeated pattern of logos or graphics. They’re prevalent in red carpet events, press conferences, or photo booths.

Tension Fabric Display

Versatile and customizable, these displays allow for rearranging banners or graphics to create various booth configurations.

Hanging Banners

Suspended from ceilings, these banners attract attention from afar and maximize visibility in crowded trade show environments.

Tabletop Banners

Smaller banners designed to sit on tables or counters, showcasing brand information or promotions in a limited space.

Pop-Up Displays

These are larger structures that expand into a display wall, offering a substantial area for branding and messaging. They can be curved or straight and are ideal for creating impactful backdrops.

Right Chest

Similar to the left chest placement, the logo can be positioned on the right side of the chest for balance or branding purposes.


Placing the logo on the sleeve near the bicep area offers visibility and a dynamic appearance.