Instant Imprints helps you deliver a lasting impression of your company image with unbeatable quality custom printed floor mats. We provide several different sizes for bespoke floor mats that are simply the best for brand promotions. We have a wide collection of indoor as well as printed mats with logo mats. Whether it’s for an entrance, reception area, or any other space, having the option to customize the size ensures that the custom printed floor mats seamlessly integrate into the intended environment.

Indoor mats are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of interiors, while outdoor mats are built to withstand various weather conditions and provide durability. This extensive range allows businesses to choose mats that are tailored to their specific usage scenarios, ensuring the mats are effective in delivering the desired message.

In addition to being visually appealing, these custom printed floor mats are a cost-effective solution for improving a brand’s image. By displaying a company’s logo or other branding elements, the mats create brand recognition and leave a lasting impression on customers, clients, and visitors. As floor mats are typically placed in high-traffic areas, they provide a constant reminder of the brand, thereby increasing brand visibility and awareness.

We provide many different sizes for custom printed floor mats, below are some of the most popular sizes.